States with the highest number of Germans*

All figures come from the U.S. Census Bureau Report issued in June 2004

The Census Bureau defines ancestry as a person's ethnic origin, racial heritage, descent, or "roots," which may reflect their place of birth, place of birth of parents or ancestors, and ethnic identities that have evolved within the United States.

All figures come from the U.S. Census Bureau Report issued in June 2004 Germans in America: "Germans" are defined as people who marked their ethnic origin as "German" on the Census survey in 1990 and/or 2000.

* Highest number as percentage of region population not total population.

State/Region (2000 population)% of Region's PopulationEthnic Group Population
North Dakota (642,200)43.9281,926
Wisconsin (5,363,675)42.62,284,926
South Dakota (754,844)40.7307,222
Nebraska (1,711,263)38.6660,548
Minnesota (4,919,479)36.71,805,449
Iowa (2,926,324)35.71,044,698
Montana (902,195)27243,593
Midwest * (64,392,776)26.617,128,478
Wyoming (493,782)25.9127,890
Kansas (2,688,418)25.8693,612
Pennsylvania (12,281,054)25.43,119,388
Ohio (11,353,140)25.22,860,991
Missouri (5,595,211)23.51,314,875
Indiana (6,080,485)22.61,374,190
Colorado (4,301,261)22946,277
Oregon (3,421,399)20.5701,387
Michigan (9,938,444)20.42,027,443
Illinois (12,419,293)19.62,434,181
Idaho (1,293,953)18.8243,263
Washington (5,894,121)18.71,102,201
Alaska (626,932)16.6104,071
Maryland (5,296,486)15.7831,548
Arizona (5,130,632)15.6800,379
United States * (281,421,906)15.242,776,130
Delaware (783,600)14.3112,055
Nevada (1,998,257)14.1281,754
West Virginia (1,808,344)14253,168
Northeast * (53,594,378)13.67,288,835
West * (63,197,932)13.38,405,325
Kentucky (4,041,769)12.7513,305
Oklahoma (3,450,654)12.6434,782
New Jersey (8,414,350)12.61,060,208
Florida (15,982,378)11.81,885,921
Virginia (7,078,515)11.7828,186
Utah (2,233,169)11.5256,814
New York (18,976,457)11.22,125,363
South * (100,236,820)1010,023,682
Texas (20,851,820)9.92,064,330
California (33,871,648)9.83,319,422
New Mexico (1,819,046)9.8178,267
Connecticut (3,405,565)9.8333,745
North Carolina (8,049,313)9.5764,685
Arkansas (2,673,400)9.3248,626
Vermont (608,827)9.155,403
New Hampshire (1,235,786)8.6106,278
South Carolina (4,012,012)8.4337,009
Tennessee (5,689,283)8.3472,210
Louisiana (4,468,976)7312,828
Georgia (8,186,453)7573,052
Massachusetts (6,349,097)5.9374,597
Hawaii (1,211,537)5.870,269
Alabama (4,447,100)5.7253,485
District of Columbia (572,059)4.827,459
Mississippi (2,844,658)4.5128,010

People in America Series: States with the highest number of Germans

"-": Rounds to 0.0.

Some ancestries are general may encompass several ancestries not listed separately (i.e., African American, White).

"NS": Not statistically different from zero at the 90-percent confidence level.

Notes: Because of sampling error, the estimates in this table may not be significantly different from one another or from other ancestries not listed in this table.

People who reported two ancestries were included once in each category. The estimates in this table differ slightly in some cases from the estimates in other data products due to the collapsing schemes used. For example, here German does not include Bavarian. Some groups correspond to groups identified separately in the race and Hispanic-origin questions. The race item provides the primary source of data for White, Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian groups, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander groups. The Hispanic-origin question is the primary identifier for Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and other Hispanic groups.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 1990 Census and Census 2000 special tabulations.

Compiled by Rhett Butler

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